The American Catholic Lawyers Association, Inc., ACLA, is a non-profit religious organization dedicated to the free legal defense of the Faith and the rights of Catholics in America.

Conceived and formed in 1990 as a Catholic answer to the American Civil Liberties Union and other left-liberal activist groups, the ACLA engages in a wide range of activities aimed at countering the forces of secularism in our society.

The ACLA's activities include: 

bullet Pro Bono Federal and State Court Litigation on behalf of Catholic plaintiffs and defendants whose civil rights are being violated on account of their Catholic Faith in the spheres of pro-life activity, employment and the right to worship God in both private and public manifestations of the Faith.
bullet Defense Of the Faith in public discourse and debate.
bullet Catholic  Apologetics: explaining the truths of the Catholic Faith and refuting attacks against it in formal debate and apologetical literature.

Attorneys interested in joining the ACLA's network can obtain membership information from the contact section.

The ACLA is a 501 (c)(3) organization exempt from federal income tax. Donations to the ACLA are tax deductible. 



Just Released!
Support ACLA's Mission in Defense of the Faith!

This important new work is personally endorsed by ACLA's President and Chief Counsel,
Christopher A. Ferrara:
"An overwhelming demonstration that 'Bible only' Christianity is untenable. No Protestant who reads this book with an open mind can thereafter hold to the 'Bible only' theory in good faith."






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