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The ACLA is a non-profit religious organization run by Catholics, to defend the rights of Catholics.  Among other activities, we engage in pro bono, free legal services on behalf of Catholics needing legal defense in matters of faith and conscience.

The cases which the ACLA accepts will define the America in which all of us will live as Catholics in the future. 

Our intention and purpose is a labor of love and dedication to establishing the Social Kingship of Christ, and of upholding the Divine prerogatives and moral law. 

Our experience has shown that dedicated Catholic professionals can win battles with the organized forces of secularism. 

We can do this with only a fraction of the resources at the disposal of secularist organizations like ACLU, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and other leftist organizations, whose purpose and agenda are radically opposed to the supreme laws of God and the Christian order.

Following are some examples of the the types of cases in which we have been involved: 

bullet Pro-life defense for protestors against unjust harassment from clinics and public authorities.
bullet Zoning challenges against abortion mills that seek to locate in residential neighborhoods.
bullet Employment discrimination on the basis of faith.
bullet Challenges to unconstitutional legislation.
bullet Homosexual marriage laws and adoption cases.
bullet Laws compelling Catholic institutions to provide medical insurance for contraception and abortion.
bullet Locating a truly suitable plaintiff for sustainable challenge to Roe vs. Wade.
bullet Court challenges to pornographic sex education programs being foisted on impressionable Catholic children against parental wishes
bullet Challenges to the promotion of eastern religions and other forms of false religions, and even Wicken rituals under the guise of multicultural education, while Catholic and Christian religions are banned.
bullet Challenges to public schools on issues such as abortion and contraception counseling without parental consent, and against the Catholic conscience of families with children in these schools.








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