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The Biblical Basis for Tradition

By John Salza

(American Catholic Lawyers Association, 296 pages, $19.95)


John Salza’s book is simply the best book on Sacred Tradition that I have read. It is both concise and comprehensive – a formidable task to accomplish for any author. John covers every angle of the issue and does so in a way that the average layman can easily understand it. John is also very faithful to both the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture as well as the magisterial teachings on both tradition and Scripture. His apologetic against Protestant views on the issue are second to none, and his faithfulness and use of the Fathers is impeccable. This is a must for any library.

Dr. Robert Sungenis, Ph.D.
President, Catholic Apologetics International

John Salza makes available to Catholics and non-Catholics alike a remarkable amount of well-researched material on what is perhaps the most important issue in apologetics. The Biblical Basis for Tradition is one of the most useful resources of its kind that I have ever seen. This is a must read both for Catholics who want to know and defend the Catholic Faith and for non-Catholics considering Catholicism.

Tim Staples
Director of Apologetics and Evangelization
Catholic Answers

An indispensable resource for Catholic Biblical apologetics ... With impressive Biblical literacy, Salza has distilled all the essential material for the reader into a tidy, reliable, and accessible package.

Dr. Philip Blosser, Ph.D.
Professor, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

Making use of his skill as an attorney and defender of the faith, John Salza provides an apologetic tour de force in this thoroughly researched study. Drawing upon numerous scriptural texts as well as Patristic sources, Salza examines and refutes the Protestant claim that the Bible teaches the doctrine of sola scriptura. This book is an invaluable resource for Catholics seeking to defend their faith and a powerful antidote to the Protestant presumption that the Bible supports their doctrines.

Dr. Robert L. Fastiggi, Ph.D.
Professor of Systematic Theology
Sacred Heart Major Seminary

John Salza is emerging as a major Catholic Apologist for the 21st Century. His new book “The Biblical Basis of Tradition” will set a new standard in the study of the Bible and Tradition. Salza shows that the Bible itself asserts the authority of Tradition in both the Old and New Testaments and that Sacred Tradition is the true guarantor of the proper interpretation of Scripture. He also has a section on the Canon of Scripture which is the weakest point in the Protestants’ apologetic for “Sola Scriptura.” Salza deconstructs the various New Testament texts used by Protestants’ to justify “Sola Scriptura” and shows how they distort the meaning of these texts. He also marshals the Father of the Church in defense of the true Christian doctrines of Scripture and Tradition and demonstrates that the views of the 16th Century Protestants and their modern descendants contradict the understanding of Divine Revelation from the first 1500 years of Church History.

Salza’s book is detailed and up to date. It makes excellent use of sacred sources in a scholarly way but it is accessible to the average Catholic who wants to get deeper into the subject. For anyone who wants a Scriptural defense of Catholic teaching on Revelation that is biblical and makes use of Catholic sources, this is the book they must get. This is only one book in a whole series of apologetics texts by John Salza that the modern Catholic apologist must read and have in his or her library for convenient reference.

Dr. Arthur Sippo
Catholic Apologist


By John Salza

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This important new work is personally endorsed by ACLA's President and
Chief Counsel,
Christopher A. Ferrara:
"An overwhelming demonstration that 'Bible only' Christianity is untenable. No Protestant who reads this book with an open mind can thereafter hold to the 'Bible only' theory in good faith."







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