For those who would like more information
on how to make automatic donations,
please complete the form below.

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Some individuals have expressed an interest in supporting the work of the ACLA with regular periodic donations.  These donations can be made either monthly, quarterly or on any other basis, as directed by you. 

The donations may be made from a designated checking or savings account, or from an authorized credit card.

Such automatic donations can be initiated and discontinued as you see best.

These donations are a wonderful support to our work.  Our expenses are ongoing, and the need to cover the costs of our legal battles on behalf of the faithful are continual.  Regular donations to the ACLA help to cover these never-ending expenses.

Other means to do this would be regular pledges to the ACLA directly, or periodic payroll deductions sent to us by your employer through community gifting programs.

If you would be interested in more information about an automatic periodic donation, please contact the ACLA by using the form below.   Thank you!

Yes! please send me information on how I can make automatic donations to the ACLA on a periodic basis designated by me.
        I understand there is no obligation once I receive this information.

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You may also print, complete this form and mail it to:

American Catholic Lawyers Association
P.O. Box 10092
420 Rt. 46 East
Fairfield, NJ  07004

The ACLA is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit, tax-exempt religious organization. Donations to the ACLA are tax deductible.